The Magnetic Koozie is a can koozie with strong magnets in the base. It keeps your drink cold and secure, plus it comes with an easy-stow drink opener flap at the back! You can even get it in two different color variations (green and black).

Do beer koozies actually work?

The answer to the question, “Do beer koozies actually work?” is a resounding yes. There are two parts to this problem: Do koozies keep your beer colder for longer? And do they really keep your hand from freezing when you’re holding an icy cold can?

The first part is easy to answer. According to our research on this topic, yes, magnetic koozie helps keep your drinks colder for longer periods of time. They also prevent condensation from forming. It’s important not only because it makes your beer look better but also because it keeps condensation from making you feel like your hand is going numb while you’re holding onto that bottle or can!

Do koozies keep beer colder?

The answer is yes, although it depends on the kind of can koozie you’re using. The main benefit of a magnetic can koozie is that it’s insulated: the magnets are placed around the bottom of the can in such a way that they allow for more space between your drink and its container. This makes them ideal for keeping your beer cold longer because less heat from outside sources is able to reach your beverage via direct contact.

Of course, as with all things related to beer consumption, there’s one caveat: cans aren’t always as airtight as we’d like them to be. And depending on how well-sealed your can is and how much shaking has gone on before you open it up, sometimes even a regular non-magnetic koozie will do just fine at keeping things cool.

Do koozies work with bottles?

The Magnetic Koozie can be used to hold bottles as well, but it is not quite as tight and will not keep your beer or soda cold as long. Additionally, you may notice that the magnets in the base of the Magnetic Koozie are spaced far more widely apart than they are on a can koozie. This is because cans are taller than bottles and take up more room in your refrigerator or freezer.

The koozie also comes with an easy-stow drink opener flap at the back.

The magnetic koozie also comes with an easy-stow drink opener flap at the back. This is a great feature for those who want to keep their hands free and avoid having to pull bottles out of the koozie in order to open them. The flap is made from durable material which allows you to use it over and over again, even after it has been exposed to sun, sand, or dirt.

The flap opens by simply lifting up on it and then closes by folding down onto the top of your can or bottle’s lid (or cap). To ensure that they will stay closed when not in use, we recommend closing them with a rubber band or twist tie every time you put them away so they don’t accidentally come open while stored away in your bag/car/home, etc. You can also just leave them open if you want easy access whenever needed!

It even comes in two different color variations (green and black).

The Magnetic Koozie is available in a range of colors including only green and black. Anyone who appreciates drinking cold beverages outside, whether it be at a tailgate party, by the pool, or on the beach, will love the Magnetic Koozie. It will keep your hands warm and your beverage cold!


The koozie fits aluminum cans like a glove, making it perfect for a variety of drinks. Neoprene, a material with several advantages, is used to make the Magnetic Koozie. Neoprene is perfect for the Magnetic Koozie’s design since it is flexible and waterproof. Since the koozie can be stretched to suit various can sizes, you may easily enjoy your preferred beverage in chilly weather.

We love the Magnetic Koozie because it’s a simple, reusable solution to keeping your drink cold and safe. Whether you are at home or out at the beach, this koozie will keep your drink cool in style.


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