A pressure washer is a device that can remove dirt from any surface. It is mainly used in both industrial and homes as cleaning equipment. As the name implies, the pressure washer works; it uses high-pressure water for effective washing and cleaning.

Sometimes, people face several issues with their pressure washers, such as vibration, not holding the machine steady and other problems associated with internal parts. If your pressure washer faces such issues, then here’re possible troubleshooting measures you should follow:

Check first whether there’s enough gas or oil in the tank or not?

Do you know where does your pressure washer’s water inlet is? You should find it carefully and make sure that no foreign objects are blocking it. If there’s particular debris present at the inlet, remove them immediately before using your machine.

If you’re using an electric pressure washer, check the cord and plug carefully for any issues. Look all over your machine’s surface to see if any loose connections are present somewhere. Finally, try to use different spray tips with your pressure washer to ensure they work fine or not after you’ve followed the above-said steps. The engine of any power tool requires a sufficient amount of oil & fuel to run smoothly without facing any issue.

There’s no fuel in the tank, so the engine will not start. If there’s no oil, it’ll cause severe damage to the machine after a few minutes of usage.

Problems in the inlet

The inlet is where you should attach your garden hose, and it can be checked by removing any screws present in the holder. Sometimes, debris gets stuck over there, producing various issues such as lower water pressure & flow rate etc. Disconnecting/connecting power cord or garden hose can cause severe problems with the pressure washer. Always check your cables and hoses carefully to ensure their tight connection.

Check whether water is being passed or not through the nozzle?

If you’re using a gas pressure washer, ensure that the air cleaner covers the carburetor. After following all previous steps regarding nozzle check, if your machine still doesn’t spray, then take a good look at the tip of the nozzle. If it is damaged, replace it or send for repairs immediately before continuing with further steps.

It should happen as this is a mandatory process for delivering adequate cleaning power to the surface. If it doesn’t happen, you need to replace your nozzle immediately and wash away dirt from your home/office quickly!

The nozzle could also be blocked

Filters may provide less passageway due to which pressure washer couldn’t pass enough water required for cleaning. You can remove the blockage by checking & clearing filters though it must be done before every machine is used; otherwise, cleaning will become more laborious.

The high water pressure might also be the reason for vibration in your machine, so before checking other possible problems, you can lower the pressure by adjusting the knob on the trigger gun. However, don’t forget to do this before starting the engine, or else it’ll cause considerable damage to the engine’s internal parts.

Final Words – Pressure Washer How to Solve Related Issues with it

If you’re facing issues with your pressure washer, then check all the above-said problems carefully. If any of them is present in your machine, which comprises the most vital parts, then it’s time to get service or replace your device immediately.

You can also contact any pressure washer servicing center for regular maintenance & care because these centers are equipped with professional technicians who know how to deal with various issues in the best possible way. By contacting them, you can easily keep your machine safe & secure.


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