The peanut roaster is a machine used to bake peanuts and groundnuts without hard shells. When you compare peanuts to other types of nuts, you will find them to be affordable and delicious. Moreover, it is large in size and has a wide market. It is advisable to look for a peanut roasting machine made with the newest technologies. Usually, these machines have two heating methods: gas heating and electric heating. The good thing about using this type of machine is that your peanuts will be evenly roasted. You can also be guaranteed that the unique taste of peanuts will not be altered.

How Does a Peanut Roasting Machine Work?

The peanut roasting machine is designed to use both gas and electric heating to raise the temperature inside the roasting surface. Usually, it is outfitted with an internal spiral plate that turns your peanuts to ensure they are evenly heated. Ideally, the forward rotation ensures the peanut is baked evenly and discharge is done with reverse rotation. The process takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Types of Peanut Roasting Machines?

Commercial Peanut Roaster

This type of machine is part of the nut baking production line. It has a baking machine, an elevator, a cooler, and a vibrating screen. Modern machines have intelligent electronic displays and automatic temperature control devices. With all these, you can regulate the temperature of the machine remotely. Since these machines can be automated, you use less labor as compared to traditional peanut roasters.

Another amazing thing about commercial peanut roasting machines is the high baking speed. Additionally, the output is quite high which makes it suitable for commercial-scale nut production. Also, the machine can be customized to suit your customers’ needs.

Small Peanut Roaster

This type of peanut roasting machine is heated by an electromagnetic mechanism. It is designed for baking all types of nuts but on a small scale. Some of the characteristics this machine offers baking speed, energy-saving, safety, and simple operation. The machine uses principles of heat radiation and heat conduction to heat materials.

A small peanut roaster is defined by the output. The typical production is 100kg per hour. Also, you can select machines with varying production volumes and different heating techniques.

Home Peanut Roaster

You can also find peanut roasting machines designed for home use. These are suitable for baking peanuts at home. Although you can bake your peanuts in an oven, the home peanut roaster provides the fastest and simplest way. Usually, you are required to rinse your peanuts and add some edible oil to them before placing them inside your machine.


The peanut roasting machine is perfect for walnuts, coffee beans, broad beans, melon seeds, and other nuts. When processing various nuts, you need to select the correct temperature settings. When selecting the peanut roaster, you should not only consider the price, but also the quality. You should avoid cheap peanut roasters as they are associated with high maintenance costs. Go for modern machines with energy-saving features. Also, these machines offer stable performance, fast heating, and less power consumption.


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